Pixel Beach

The story of our lives are documented through our moving pictures, as we keep repeating the moments over and over again. These digital fragments of our lives are then placed on social media, where we sit, wait and view how many times are lives have been shared. Our social footprint immortalized. Is it our longing to be special, for others to know that we do in fact exist? It's simple enough for us to know that we are a pixel in the Infinite web.

Simulacra, Video Installation, is a reflection, an imitation, of who we have become in this social media age. As observer and narrator of the film, I become another one of the subjects, in this social commentary on our filtered reality.

Frequency communicates through non-verbal language the vastness of the infinite universe. It takes us on a psychological journey- questioning whether our universe is just one or many co-existing parallels? As I have conveyed in The World Upside Down Photographic Series, all beings and life forms on this planet are reflections of the Infinite.

“The Voyage” is a metaphorical exploration paralleling the importance of life in all its forms. This film is about the existence of magic and enchantment that surrounds us; the connectedness of all life forms. Humans are not separate from Nature and other beings in the environment. If we do not operate with respect and consciousness of all life on Earth, beings- such as butterflies- will soon become extinct.

Over a six month period, the babies were photographed swimming and floating in water. The expression on their faces was of Joy and Simply Being. When we come into the world, we are born innocent, and then we learn as we get older, what we can and cannot do. We lose this natural state of innocence. Celestial Babies celebrates this Return to innocence, joy and freedom. Through floating and swimming in Water, the babies experience their natural state of Connectedness. The Celestial Babies Odyssey echoes a more universal theme. The journey to submerge inward towards the Silence. Celestial Babies represents the longing for connectedness to the Self, each other, as well as, the Earth, Water and Space that surrounds us. Especially in this 21st Century of social media and technology, it is essential we reconnect on this deeper level. The film Celestial Babies explores the premise that the babies are not only swimming in Water. The babies are floating and suspended in Space.

Every day around the world, Climate Change is a major topic of debate; politically, environmentally, agriculturally and socially. Climate Change, both fortunately and unfortunately, has become a Trend. Our film personifies Climate Change. As the Narrator, Climate Change, asks critical questions of our human behavior. We are so busy in our self-absorbed lifestyle that we have become indifferent. Climate Change is happening NOW, Every Second and Every Moment. We, as human beings, are not separate from Nature and the Environment. We are Climate Change.

"Hello I am Climate Change and even I don't believe in me anymore" by Jasmine Pierce and narrated by Cheryl Maeder

Submerge explores the relationship we human beings have with the environment, both in the personal and the universal context. We, as living beings, are not separate from the Earth. The human body contains 70% of water fluids and the oceans waters cover more than 70% of the Earth itself. Water represents our connectedness to the Earth and to each other. Submerge is the courage and willingness to take the leap into the depths of the Waters of the Soul.

In this film, I have photographed Demi, who is eleven years old. However, in this moment, she appears older than her years as Demi is representing a universal theme. As she symbolically and metaphorically explores the depths of who she is, she at once becomes universal and not separate from the Waters surrounding her. She leaps into the pool, and for a few seconds, she is suspended in the womb- like waters. Drifting beneath the surface, her appearance and understanding of self shifts as constantly as the waters that surround her. Then she rises again to the surface, no longer the person she once was. The waters represent her explorations as a human being seeking her own identity on the Earth.

I was walking through a shopping mall on the top floor and happened to look down at children wildly jumping and playing in this wonderland below. From the vantage point up high, the children looked like tiny elves and fairies jumping, laughing and happily playing in a breakfast-themed playground. I hurriedly went home, grabbed my camera and for several weeks returned to to document the children playing. The short film, PLAY, is about the Magic. I am honored that two of the photographs from this series are featured in a prestigious, Curated Photography Collection by Hamburg Kennedy for Foster Care along with Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Elliott Erwitt and Martin Parr.

The Dreamscapes Series are inspired by my travels to the Mediterranean coastal towns of Spain. Inspired by the play of light and color before me, I began experimenting, using my photography in a new direction. The photorealist painter uses the paintbrush to convey the world as in a photograph and I, as a photographer, use my camera as an instrument to convey the world through painterly eyes. Part color field painter, part impressionist and part abstractionist, I want to convey to the viewer the world we see is part of a larger reality and what appears to be clear and in focus is only our perception.

Seeing the world through painterly eyes, Maeder explores the relationship somewhere between realism and abstraction. Her work is a collage of saturated memories from her early childhood infused with her expanding adventurers from her travels and everyday life. Her goal is for the viewer to see the world in a broader reality. For the Les Copines Series, Maeder's was inspired by the Impressionists. She wanted to merge the past into the 21st Century with her photographs.

In celebration of Water & The Ocean, I have created La Mer.

On summer weekends as a child, my mother and father would drive my brother, sister and I, from our suburban New Jersey home to Jones Beach, Long Island. Sitting in the back seat of our car, I felt whisked away as if to a foreign, beautiful land. From grey, concrete buildings, shopping malls, and endless storefronts, crossing the George Washington Bridge, passing the Statue of Liberty, and finally coming to this endless body of water called the Atlantic Ocean. There before us, sunlit and sparkling like a thousand precious jewels, was the ocean bathed by the brilliance of the sun. I sat in the car mesmerized and opened the windows to breathe in the salty ocean air. This to me was freedom and magic. Now, years later, the Ocean still has this effect on all my senses. I come alive just being near the Sea.

The video was then created with an Asian sensibility, infusing the old world with the new. The borders between land and ocean are constantly changing and blending together as one. Haiku reflects the ebb and flow of the ocean, which echoes the ebb and flow of life itself. Haiku is my poem to the Universe.

Snapshot of the Sea, began in Key West, at sunset, photographing along the water’s edge. Out there in the distance, was a family calling to each other, playing in the water. The light playfully shimmered on the water, the sounds were haunting and familiar, as in a dream, a memory. As I looked out on this scene, the family in the water could have been from anywhere, any country in the world. They have become archetypes in that their cultural identities, the place and the era are obscured and merge into a poetic moment in time. I began to film it as one continuous frame… a photograph in motion, a moving Snapshot of the Sea.

This short film is a compilation of several weeks photographing from a higher vantage point, the passersby coming and going in South Beach, Miami, on an early Saturday night. It is meant to be playful and fun, observing how we humans interact with each other without having to use words, but through our body language.