GALLERYone Hotel, Hilton - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Voyage & Frequency Framed Video Installation

Art Palm Beach 2019, Sultan Delon Fine Art

Frequency Video Installation

ConcreteSpace Gallery/Doral Contemporary Art Museum 

Presents Miami New Media Film Festival, Public Art Platform, Art & Technology Curated Thesis on Water, Climate Change & Communities Traveling Group Exhibition (Bogota, Caracas, Valencia, Miami, Santo Domingo, San Nicolas & Museum of Contemporary Art Rome)

La Mer, Submerge & I Am Climate Change Video Installations

SUBMERGE, Public Art Video Installation, City of West Palm Beach, Canvas Outdoor Museum

Installed under the Royal Park Bridge Walkway


Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach FL

March 30 – September 9, 2018

Mixed media installation in collaboration with artist Diane Arrieta

Cheryl Maeder and Diane Arrieta focus their work on the conscious co-existence of man and nature. It was only natural that a collaboration between these two interdisciplinary artists took place- creating a modern day Utopia, Enchanted. The exhibition presents a fairy tale experience that collides with the realities of our modern world. Currently, we exist in a nature dismissive society, where extinction and climate change are escalating.

Enchanted focuses on the beauty and lessons we as humans can learn from our natural landscapes and inhabitants. This installation offers a moment of sanctuary from the fast paced indoor lives we are living. By constructing a faux natural environment, based on land and sea, the artists are conveying the need to “slow down and smell the flowers” before it [nature] disappears. Enchanted throws its audience a life preserver.

“…the tweeting birds and forest soundscape of ‘Enchanted’ draws you into an intimate but despoiled paradise from sculptor Diane Arrieta and photographer/video artist Cheryl Maeder. The sensory data that envelopes you as soon as you enter the gallery is almost overwhelming, but its totality is impactful. Maeder’s large-scale photos of children trying to wade on inner tubes in the mucky, swampy remnants of a river complement Arrieta’s series of animal sculptures, marooned on their own piles of tubes as a result of rising oceans and other losses of habitat. A video supplement reminds us that as more pollinator species are threatened, our once – Edenic gardens are under siege.”– John Thomason, Editor, Boca Raton Magazine.

Enchanted Installation

The Making Of, Enchanted – Documentary


The Light From Within, Installation.

Maeder explores new technologies in The Light From Within. The Installation transports the viewer beyond the visual narrative to a more sensory experience. The Woman in the photograph is represented both in her physical presence- and through video we are invited into her inner world.

Art Basel - Scope Art Fair Miami 2016, Celestial Babies Video Installation, Exhibiting at Galerie Mark Hachem

Public Art Installation, Celestial Babies, City of West Palm Beach, CANVAS Outdoor Museum 2016


Public Art Video Installation, Celestial Babies, City of West Palm Beach, CANVAS Outdoor Museum 2016

Public Art Installation, City of West Palm Beach, FL,  Celestial Babies Billboards

Public Art Video Installation, I Am Climate Change, Miami Urban Contemporary, Now Or Neverland - Urban Uproar, Miami

Public Art Installation, Miami International Airport, Solo Exhibition – Dreamscapes